White Wolf Development

Below are some examples from our recent clients and projects.

Remap BHP, Withersnea

Remap BHP home page

Remap BHP are another engine ECU reprogramming and vehicle retuning company based in Withersnea in Yorkshire. They have a close working relationship with UberTuning (see below) and this project was a result of them wanting their own processes streamlined in the same way that UberTuning's had been.

As a result, many of the core aims for the project were very similar to those for UberTuning - particularly the ability to manage client projects directly through the website. In addition, both sites include a tuning database of potential gains for various vehicle makes and models and the sites have been linked such that updates made on one site are mirrored over to the other, enabling them to both benefit when one of them make such an update. However, importantly they are both distinct sites which has allowed each to reflect subtle differences in the way that they want to operate.

Bride-All, The Wedding Shop

Bride-All home page

Bride-All is a wedding shop based in the village of Exning, near Newmarket in East Anglia. Lynn, the owner, was frustrated with her existing website - understanding that she needed to keep it up to date but finding it very difficult to do so and to get the kind of results she wanted. She reported that she had often spent hours trying to update her website only to find it hadn't worked as she wanted. She needed a website she could easily manage rather than feeling she was fighting a losing battle with it. She was also disappointed with the visibility of her existing website in search engines.

The new website then had a number of objectives, but most importantly: it had to be easy to update and manage, and it had to be written so that we could maximise its visibility and performance in Google.

Uber Tuning Ltd, Burwell

Uber Tuning home page

UberTuning are an engine ECU software specialist that can help you get the best and safest power and fuel economy from your car or van. The brief was for a replacement to their existing website that allowed them to more easily update it and streamline thier work processes - allowing clients to create work projects where they would upload their ECU files for reprogramming by UberTuning.

The projects allow UberTuning to organise their work, handle all communication to do with the project in one place and have the website collect payment and ensure this was done before the client could download their modified ECU.

Strutt Your Mutt charity dog day & walk

Strutt Your Mutt home page

Strutt Your Mutt – Dog Day & Walk is the annual charity event hosted by Wangford Veterinary Clinic on the beautiful Benacre Estate.

The Strutt Your Mutt website needed to minimise the administative overhead for the organisers who bring this excellent event together alongside their usual full-time day jobs. The website is used to streamline many of the organisational tasks - like managing stall-holders, sponsors and volunteers from initial application through acceptance, taking payment (where applicable) and automatically updating the site thus significantly reducing the amount of work for the organisers as well as making it easier for those wanting to participate.

Essential Health

Essential Health home page
Essential Health is an innovative osteopathic practice delivering holistic health care to East Anglia. It is run by Juliette Baysham B.Ost from two clinics in Cambridge and Cavendish.

Wangford Veterinary Clinic

Wangford Vet Clinic home page

Finalists in the Pet Plan Awards 2015, this exceptional vet practice is based in Wangford, Suffolk where they provide a professional, yet personal service in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

Burwell Village Carnival

Burwell Carnival home page
Burwell's annual carnival is an important date in the village calendar and is an opportunity for the community to come together and raise money for local good causes.

ICARE 2019

ICARE 2019

ICARE is the International Conference on Avian Herpetological and Exotic Mammal medicine.

This long term project will evolve over time as the 2019 conference is organised. To help with this, the organising committee wanted a private, online collaboration area where they could discuss the event, share files and manage multiple to do lists.

Spinal Physiotherapy, Preston

Spinal Physiotherapy
Paul Boxcer, a Chartered and HCPC Registered Physiotherapist of over 17 years, specialises in the treatment of spinal pain and in particular Low Back Pain & Sciatica.

Suffolk Exotic Vet Services

Suffolk Exotic Vet

Specialising in the care and treatment of exotic pets, Suffolk Exotic Vet Services run exotic animal clinics in established vet practices across Suffolk.