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Bride-All is a wedding shop based in the village of Exning, near Newmarket in East Anglia. Lynn, the owner, was frustrated with her existing website - understanding that she needed to keep it up to date but finding it very difficult to do so and to get the quality of results she wanted. Things that should have been easy, like keeping the lists of dresses up to date involved her having to edit multiple pages whilst trying to keep the results close to the overal site look and feel. She often spent hours trying to update her website only to find it hadn't worked as she wanted. She needed a website she could easily manage rather than feeling like she was fighting a losing battle with it.

The new website turned this on its head — rather than have her editing pages, the new website is built around her managing the information itself. The website then made sure that the right information appeared in the right place and was formatted correctly to fit in with the rest of the site design.

Bridal Gowns

Selling wedding dresses is the core of the business so it was vital that it was easy for Bride-All to manage and maintain the list of dresses that they had available on the website. Dresses are organised by designer and it is easy to add or remove designers at any time together with some introductory information about the designer, their style and their collections. Dresses are then added to each designer to build up the available collection.

Dresses can also be assigned categories - this is to help brides find dresses that match the style they are searching for and provides valuable landing pages for the large number of searches potential customers were making for specific bridal gown styles.

Other features of the Bride-All website include

  • Fab-4-Less
    Fab-4-Less showcases one off, special offer dresses. The information available for these dresses is different to the main collection dresses which are ordered specifically for each bride.
  • Bridesmaids & Grooms suite hire
  • Events
    Bridal-All are involved in a number of events throughout the year, both attending external events and holding in-store promotions. Managing these events, and their promotion on the website and across social media, was designed to be very simple.
  • Appointments
    The Bride-All appointment system has a number of features specific to Bride-All:
    • Visitors can book different types of appointment, including initial and follow-up bridal appointments as well as appointments for bridesmaids and grooms parties. These appointment types each require a different amount of time to be booked.
    • Appointments need to be booked with different staff, each of whom can have different availability. The appointment system seamlessly ensures that these factors are taken into account whilst hiding this complexity from the client who can simply see when appointments of the type they need are available. The website automatically assigns appointments to a member of staff who is available at the required time and, on the admin side, appointments can be viewed for each member of staff individually.
    • Appointments are secured with a deposit which is only taken in the event of the appointment being missed, so the appointment booking process includes the pre-authorisation of the deposit amount via Paypal.

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