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ICARE 2019

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ICARE is the International Conference on Avian Herpetological and Exotic Mammal medicine, a global veterinary conference held every two years in different locations around the world. In 2019 it will be held in London and the website will evolve over the next few years up to the conference as it is organised and more information becomes available.

Online collaboration

One of the reasons for the early launch of the 2019 conference website was to provide the committee with a secure and private area where they could discuss aspects of the conference organistion, share documents and ideas, and manage multiple to do lists tracking tasks assigned to various members of the organising team. They had tried other project management tools available on the web, but felt that they wanted something more integrated and more tailored to thier needs.

Public facing features

The public side of the website will be evolving as the conference approaches and is planned to include:

  • Full details of the conference programme

    This will include both speakers and sessions and will be built up as the conference is finalised.

  • Sponsors and Exhibitors

    Sponsors and exhibitors will be able to apply and pay online and manage their own profiles. The organising committee will simply need to accept or reject the applications when they come in.

  • Online registration

    Delegates will be able to book and pay for their conference tickets via the website as well as selecting the optional parts of the programme they want to attend, and book social events and accommodation.

  • Travel planners, both at the main event venue and between satelite venues around London.

Working in partnership

ICARE 2019 is a good example of White Wolf Development working in partnership with a client to create a website that evolves over time to support their needs, and with the flexibility to change if and when the plans do.

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