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Remap BHP are an engine ECU reprogramming and vehicle retuning company similar to UberTuning Ltd and with whom they have a close working relationship. This project was a result of them wanting their own processes streamlined and made available online in the same way that UberTuning's had been.

As a result, the functionality of the Remap BHP website is very similar to the UberTuning one - particularly the ability to manage client projects and collect payments via credits. Both sites include the tuning database of potential gains for various vehicle makes and models, and the sites are able to communicate with each other such that updates made on one site are mirrored over to the other, enabling them to both benefit when one of them makes such an update.

For more information about the functionality of the site, please see the UberTuning page.

Importantly however, the UberTuning website and the Remap BHP website are both entirely separate to each other which has allowed each to reflect subtle differences in the way that they want them to work.

Keeping the dealer and reseller list up to date
Managing current client projects
Managing and editing the tuning database

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