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Spinal-Physiotherapy.com is the website of Paul Boxcer, a Chartered and HCPC Registered Physiotherapist of over 17 years, specialising in the treatment of spinal pain and in particular Low Back Pain & Sciatica. Paul is also the author of the book “Low Back Pain and Sciatica - a personalised treatment approach”

As well as standard information about Paul's clinics, book, testimonials and frequently asked questions, the website has a glossary, an exercise section and a growing library of tips, advice and information which are easily updateable and provide a good reference area for visitors and clients alike.

Monthly competitions and spot offers

To celebrate moving his clinic to 24 Winkley Square, Preston, Paul decided to run his 24@24 campaign to encourage visitors to the website and to give something back to his clients. On the 24th of each month, a random winner is drawn from his registered visitors who wins the prize Paul has set up for the month - often a free hour assessment and / or treatment appointment.

In addition, from time to time Paul runs spot offers which are easy to add to the website and promote automatically across social media.

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