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Specialising in the care and treatment of exotic pets, Suffolk Exotic Vet Services run exotic animal clinics in established vet practices across Suffolk. The website provides details of when and where these clinics will be as well as providing a number of easily updateable care and information pages devoted to different exotic pet species.

Catherine (the owner of Suffolk Exotic Vet Services) also publishes news articles and case studies on the website and there is a ‘Pets Corner’ gallery where her clients can upload pictures of their exotic pets.

Pet registration and online appointment bookings

Clients can register their pets directly on the website. When this happens the website collects all the details required for the pet — as well as general information, there is some species-specific information required and forms that need to be completed. The website automatically emails the correct forms to the owner on registration. Any new or updated registration information is emailed to Catherine once a day in a format that makes it easy for her to update her practice records. Having the correct forms sent by the website means Catherine doesn't have to do it herself.

Once pets are registered, the owner can keep their records up to date and book appointments for them simply by selecting them by name. They do not have to keep filling in the required information each time. This makes it easier for the owners to book appointments whilst ensuring Catherine has all the information she needs — and saving her from having to gather it herself at the appointment.

As well as the pet information forms there are certain legal treatment forms that have to be completed. The website sends these out automatically the first time an appointment is booked for a specific pet, again saving Catherine from having to remember when they need sending and makes it more likely the client will have completed them before the pet's first appointment.

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