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UberTuning are an engine ECU software specialist that can help you get the best and safest power and fuel economy from your car or van. The brief was for a replacement to their existing website that allowed them to more easily update it and streamline their work processes - allowing clients to create work projects where they would upload their ECU files for reprogramming by UberTuning.

The main feature of the new website was this new client projects section. Previously, projects had been handled by clients sending their ECU files and getting their updated files by email. The main problems with doing it this way that the new website solved where:

  • Lack of organisation and process control.

    Before the new website, all projects where handled by email, and the emails containing project ECUs where mixed in with all other business mail so there was no simple way to see all outstanding projects at a glance. The situation was worse if Daniel needed to refer to a previous project for a client as he would then have to try to remember when the project took place and then search through all his old emails to find it.

    The new website solved this problem by keeping all file service projects in one place. By default, it shows only the open projects, but completed projects can also be viewed and these can be filtered by date and or by user. In addition, the website project allows messages to be sent directly between UberTuning and the client, keeping all communication about a project together in one place with it. When messages are left in the project (by either UberTuning or by the client), an email is also sent to make sure the message is seen. The website also automatically sends update emails when a projects status changes or new files are uploaded. This keeps everyone up to date with progress and the status of the project without any extra work.

  • Quality of information supplied.

    In addition to the ECU file, successfully reprogramming and optimizing it requires some additional information about the specific vehicle, and using the old email based service this information was often missing or incomplete. This lead to additional and sometimes frustrating work chasing up on the missing information. This issue was easily solved with the website file service simply by requiring the client to provide the necessary information when they uploaded the file.

  • Chasing for payment.

    Some clients were sometimes keener to use their newly programmed ECUs than they were to pay for them…   Again, this caused additional work as all payments for work done and ECUs supplied had to be carefully tracked manually, and then reluctant payers reminded and chased.

    The new website solves this problem as the project owner has to unlock their project before they can download the updated ECU file. Unlocking a project costs file service credits which are bought on the site. This allows UberTuning to complete projects without worrying about each individual payment as the website will track this and they can be sure that unless the client buys and then spends credits to unlock their project, they will not be able to download and use the new ECU — no matter how keen they are.

    UberTuning have full control over the credit system and they can change the credit bundles available and how much they cost at any time. They can also change the cost to unlock a project on a per project basis if required, and can create and withdraw discount codes which can be used by clients when buying credits.

Managing discount codes for client projects
Managing client credit balances
Viewing Paypal transactions

As well as the file service, other notable features include:

  • Integration with WinOLS.

    As well as tuning specific ECU files through the file service, UberTuning also provide other Tuning companies access to pre-built ECUs via a library managed using the WinOLS sofware. The WinOLS software uses its own system of credits to handle these purchases and the new website allows customers to check their WinOLS credit balance as well as purchase top-ups directly online. Previously this would have had to have been handled manually.

  • Tuning Database.

    The UberTuning webite has a tuning database that allows visitors to look up their vehicle and see the typical gains they can expect from tuning. This data has been collected over a long period of time and was available on the old website, but the new one makes it easier for visitors to find the correct information and makes it much easier for UberTuning to keep it up to date, with it being very easy to add and amend the data at any time.

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