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Finalists in the Pet Plan Awards 2015, this exceptional vet practice is based in Wangford, Suffolk where they provide a professional, yet personal service in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The site has a number of pages dedicated to the services and initiatives provided by the clinic, and these are very easy for the practice team to add to, and update, as they need.

Publishing news and advice articles with social media promotion

The clinic team regularly post news and advice articles on the site, and these are linked to the practice's Facebook and Twitter accounts to allow them to easily promote their content. They can create and queue articles to be published at a later date, and any promotional posts for the article are queued alongside and then posted when the article is published on the website. They can queue multiple social media posts to accompany each website article and have these published at the desired times before or after the article.

Registering new clients and getting client feedback

New clients can register on the site and having done so they can register their pets online as well. Once a day, any new or updated data is emailed back to the practice in a format for easy import into their practice management software. The website also provides tools for the practice team to easily create any number of online surveys, links to which can be added onto the site or emailed to clients for completion. This enables the practice to gather detailed feedback on any subject they want.

The practice are understandably very proud of the comments and feedback they receive so they also gather and publish testimonials via the website. Although it is easy for the team to add testimonials themselves, the website also allows clients to leave their testimonials directly on it. Although these testimonials require approval before they are shown on the site, this cuts down on the need for the team to re-type testimonials in themselves.

Lost & found pets

Sadly from time to time pets go missing, and often the owners will ask their local vets to help by asking if people have seen the missing pet. To help with this, the website allows visitors to advertise their lost pets with photos and details such as the pets name, description, and when and where it was last seen. These adverts are automatically promoted on the clinic's Facebook page and Twitter accounts to try to reach a large audience, and anyone who has any information can send it directly to the pet's owner via the website.

Continually evolving

The Wangford Vet Clinic website continues to evolve and have new features added. To date these include:

Photo competitions and pet galleries

The website has had photo competitions and online pet galleries added for clients to post their pictures too. Although this was initially created with a specific competition in mind, it has been added in such a way that future similar competitions can be set up and run whenever Wangford want (without requiring any new functionality added) - Wangford are in control.

Online repeat prescriptions

A really useful feature has been added to allow clients to order any repeat prescriptions on the website. Once these have been set up, this enables the clients to make further requests with one click. The request is then sent to the clinic and after they authorise and fulfil the prescription, the client is automatically notified that they can pop in to pick it up.

Free prize draws

Similar to the photo competitions above, a request to be able to run a specific free prize draw led to the addition of the ability to create these competition types whenever they want. All Wangford have to do is give the draw a name, a start and end date and then promote the draw. The website automatically handles taking entries, enforcing one entry per person, opening and closing the competition at the right times and finally - once the draw has closed - randomly selecting the winning entry.

Online store

An online store has been added to the website to enable Wangford to sell their range of pet foods, supplements, toys and other pet accessories online. The store allows special offers to be set up as well as the sale of gift vouchers which can be used online or in-clinic to buy goods from store.

The store is currently being propulated with the products, but is expected to go live soon.

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