White Wolf Development

Who we are

White Wolf Development is a web design and development company set up at the end of 2014 and based near Cambridge in the UK. The company was started by Matt Salmon, a commercial software developer since 1999, and who has been focused mainly on the development of large scale, complex web applications since 2001.

Matt has been lead architect and developer on many large scale and complex projects, most notably a vastly functional Learning Management System. This system was used to deploy learning materials and track learning progress for school children and adult learners in countries all across the world as well as being deployed by some of the largest companies in the UK and abroad for staff training and assessment. Matt has worked with many well-known companies, at their request adding custom enhancements such as training needs analysis — that allowed testing of an individuals skillset and then tailored training for them based on the requirements of their role — and sophisticated classroom session management facilities to their systems.

The experience Matt has in working with different sized companies across many different market sectors, in understanding their needs and objectives, and in successfully turning these requirements into a working desktop and web products means that White Wolf Development is the ideal company to work with you. We can add significant value to your project beyond simply designing and coding your site (although of course, we do those things very well!). We can provide a full consultantancy service that will help you to understand the potential and identify the possibilties for you to exploit the web for your business and we can then deliver solutions that meet your needs — on time and within budget.

Why work with us?

Whilst there are literally hundreds of web development and web design companies fighting for a share of the market, many are actually “implementors” rather than developers — taking templates and simply customising them for each client. Where functionality beyond a simple brochure site is needed it is done using pre-built, third-party components with fixed and pre-defined functionality. Whilst this approach has value and for some clients may be the perfect solution, for many others it has significant limitations and issues — if the components do not exactly match your business needs, you have to make do. If the components used do not fit together seamlessly, you have to make do. If you need something different, you are out of luck.

The truth is, the third-party developers in this scenario don't know you, don't know your business and don't know your unique needs. The components they develop are generally designed for a wide range of applicablility and whilst they are ok in most situations they are ideal in very few. The result is a vast sea of very similar sites providing similar services and features. Only the largest (and richest) clients seem to be able to afford something different, something that delights visitors and offers them real value. This draws customers in. And keeps them coming back.

White Wolf Development do not just implement third party solutions for their clients but instead develop them a solution targeted at their specific business needs and requirements. We aim to develop partnerships with our clients and develop websites and solutions for them that are designed to be extended and have additional functionality added seamlessly as business requirements change. White Wolf Development aims to help all sizes and types of organisation take their web sites to the next level, beyond the rank and file of templated sites with limited, pre-defined functionality, and explore the real opportunites presented by the web and how these opportunities can be exploited for real competitive advantage. This means understanding your business and helping you to understand what the web can do for you and what your options are in order to achieve this. Quite literally, making the web work for you.

White Wolf Development is currently a small team, albeit with a vast amount of knowledge and experience, but we have been working hard developing a network of relationships with hand-picked experts on whom we can call when they can add value to a project. We have established relationships with SEO experts, branding and marketing experts as well as a small number of handpicked, high quality designers and additional coders we can bring in when workloads demand. This means that we can offer the advantages of larger digital agencies without having to pass on the additional costs when workloads and the circumstances don't justify them.

You may have been thinking about it for a while. We know how easy it is to intend to get something done about your website, and how easy it is to keep putting it off. How you'll always be able to do it tomorrow, or next week...

Contact White Wolf Development now and start the process today.