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Strutt Your Mutt is a charity dog day and walk organised by Wangford Veterinary Clinic and raising money this year for Dogs for Good (formerly known as Dogs for the disabled).

We are delighted to have been able to support this great cause by redeveloping the event website and helping to streamline the organisation process.

This year Strutt Your Mutt takes place on Sunday 1 May on the beautiful Benacre Estate in Suffolk.


Strutt Your Mutt

Strutt Your Mutt is a family fun day that brings people together & celebrates the unique relationship that they share with their dogs. There is lots to do including a choice of two, or seven mile walks through the Benacre Estate and there is plenty of entertainment and trade stands for all dog lovers.

Why not visit the new Strutt Your Mutt website to find out more.

Dogs for Good

Dogs for Good helps people overcome challenges and enrich and improve their lives and communities by specially training dogs. Assistance Dogs are trained to help adults and children with disabilities and this practical support can give the individual more freedom and greater independence. 

This is a great charity and we hope that an amazing amount is raised by the Strutt Your Mutt event.


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